“Pretty in Pink” Girly Pop Boudoir Photoshoot

This year has been the year of boudoir in my business (and I’m here for it). Spoiler alert: I’ve always felt like a “girl’s girl”. But this year has pushed me in such a beautiful direction when it comes to photography and empowering women. With all the hype this past year surrounding Barbie: The Movie, it only felt right to have some fun with the mania. This “Pretty in Pink” girly pop boudoir photoshoot felt like a no-brainer. Photographing each gal showed me just how transformative the experience was for each of them. Between the hype music, professional beauty services, and being treated like a damn queen? You can bet I’m bringing this energy into 2024.

Hot take: boudoir isn’t meant to sexualize a woman, it’s meant to highlight beauty in an artistic manner. I’ve had the honor of photographing so many sweet gals throughout my journey as a California Wedding and Boudoir Photographer. My passion lies within documenting love stories, no matter what form they may come in. Maybe it’s capturing the delicate caress of your partner’s fingers on your jawline. Or highlighting just how strong your body was to bring another life into this world. Every story deserves to be documented authentically. 

Feminine Girly Pop Boudoir Photoshoot

The “Pretty in Pink” girly pop boudoir mini sessions began like so many of the past boudoir photoshoots I’ve done. There’s always some nerves and uncertainty before the ladies get in front of the camera; it’s something I’ve very cognizant of. I want each and every one of my clients to feel celebrated, beautiful, and empowered both behind and in front of the lens. For this photoshoot in particular, I was inspired to highlight all the girly things. Not only did we have lollipops and pink everything, but we had an iconic playlist of ‘girl power’ anthems blaring on the speakers. As soon as it was time for the gals to slip into their lingerie, they were feeling themselves; with professional hair and makeup, how couldn’t you be feeling hot!? 

Holding space for each and every woman that I photograph is valuable to me. The vast majority of us aren’t used to being so vulnerable in front of the camera. I feel like I have a responsibility to ensure that each woman walks away from their boudoir photoshoot feeling confident, feminine, inspired, and sexy. I want to encourage them to feel empowered to fight whatever “battle” they may be tackling. 

Being a woman who is in touch with their femininity isn’t something to be ashamed of, it’s something to be celebrated. You are something to be celebrated. 

Southern California Boudoir Photographer | Sierra Brook Photography

Are you ready to dive more into reclaiming your feminine energy? Follow along on my boudoir ‘Gram! I’ve fallen in love with the community over on that side of Instagram. (psst, no boys allowed 😉) Not only am I able to share more of my boudoir work there, but I’m able to connect with so many beautiful women across the world. Fun fact: those same women inspired this “pretty in pink” girly pop boudoir photoshoot. It became glaringly obvious that we could all use some support, guidance, and community. Join me, why don’t you?! 

While you’re already immersed in the Sierra Brook content, binge the blog to take a look at the other sides of my biz that I love to highlight: weddings and couples. Gosh, I’m so dang glad you’re here.


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