Positano, Italy Inspired Yacht Couples Session on Catalina Island

Amalfi Coast wedding photographer

It’s no secret that Italy’s Amalfi Coast is one of the most picturesque, unique destinations in Europe. With the majestic cliffs towering over the sea, it’s no wonder why over 5 million tourists visit the coast annually. And although Italy is on my bucket list, this dreamy Positano, Italy inspired yacht couples session on Catalina Island in Southern California made me feel like I was on my own Italian getaway. From the crystal blue waters to the stunning Hamilton Cove Villas along the shore, I still cannot wrap my mind around this couples photoshoot. 

Amalfi Coast, Italy Inspired Couples Session

For Erica and Victoria’s couples session, we had a private chartered yacht to take us out into the ocean for the dreamiest views. As a wedding and couples photographer, I find so much value in documenting couples in a manner that feels natural authentic to them. The simple, elegant charcuterie board provided the most beautiful, intimate prop for these lovers. There’s something so sensual about feeding one another grapes; the delicacy and is unmatched. I don’t know if it was just that I felt like I was on an Italian charter or what, but the little picnic elevated the entire experience. 

After indulging in some grapes and cheeses, we headed out onto the deck of the yacht to really capture those Amalfi Coast vibes that still have me swooning to this day. When we made our way out to the deck, I noticed that the yacht’s captain had a cigarette. And let me tell you, the way that the cigarette completed the entire vibe was unbelievable. Erica’s delicate fingers grasping the cigarette was one thing, but then Victoria ‘smoked’ a flower and I was actually unwell. The contrast these two elements created paired with the soft, flowing attire was exactly what was needed to complete the vision. 

As if Positano, Italy inspired yacht couples session on Catalina Island couldn’t get any better, we ended with Erica and Victoria jumping into the ocean. The bright blue water glistened as the waves settled. And because your girl never puts her camera away until the shoot is 100% over, I even loved the images of Erica and Victoria dripping wet with the widest smiles spread across their faces. 

Positano, Italy Wedding and Elopement Photographer | Sierra Brook Photography

Documenting Erica and Victoria’s dreamy Italy inspired couples session was an absolute dream. I’m so excited to actually make my way to Italy in September 2024. Planning your own European getaway or honeymoon?! CONTACT ME HERE to find out out how to have your moments photographed for free. And as always, keep up with me over on the ‘Gram (@sierrabrookphotography). ’Til next time, babes.


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