California Lakeside Couples Session

Couple sitting on a boat dock on the lake

Erika and Daniel’s California lakeside couples session was the perfect reminder that summer is right around the corner. And after an actual Winter in California, it’s safe to say we are READY! Can I get an “amen”?! As if being on the lake all day wasn’t enough to have me smiling from ear to ear, Erika and Daniel brought their sweet pup, Stetson. Before we dive in any further, let me remind you that you should always bring your dog!

Lakeside Couples Session

If you’ve been around for awhile, you may have seen Erika and Daniel on the blog before! These two lovers were Western-style icons for their couples photos at Wind Wolves Preserve (CLICK TO READ MORE). So you already know that I was pumped to capture these two cuties again. I’ve actually been friends with Erika since we were just little babies in high school. It’s one of the greatest joys in my life still having her in my life – and even sweeter seeing her so in-love. You know those couples that you see and you’re like “yep, you’ve found your person”?! Well, that’s exactly how it feels being in the presence of Erika and Daniel. 

As if I couldn’t possibly love Erika any more, she’s always been so incredibly supportive of my photography journey. Whenever I’m in need of a creative outlet, I know I can count on her. This lakeside couples session was no exception in sparking my creativity. Erika and Daniel were looking for a really vibey, tropical-style session which I think we achieved! The swaying palm trees, blue skies, and fluffy clouds really played into the vibes they were looking for. Not to mention Stetson – who is 100% a water dog. It wasn’t until we got to the lake that we realized he was obsessed with ducks! So while you’re looking through the gallery below and you see just Erika and Daniel in a photo, please know that I was holding Stetson in one hand and my camera in the other. 😅 Just call me a photographer (and dog wrangler) by day! 

The amount of love and joy that I felt in my heart after saying goodbye after this California lakeside couples session was unmatched. If you’re a photog reading this, I want to encourage you to capture your friends with their partners (or families). Because I’m telling you, the feeling is unlike any other.

Searching for more in-love couples to swoon over?! Say less! CLICK HERE TO BINGE THE BLOG! And as always, you can find me on the ‘Gram (@sierrabrookphotography). 


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