Couples Boudoir Photoshoot Inspiration

Couples boudoir session in the bathtub

When you hear “boudoir”, what comes to mind? Most people think of S E X appeal, nude women, and very provocative posing. Am I close to what you were thinking? Listen, I don’t blame you. Before I started experimenting with boudoir photography, that was probably where my mind went as well. However, as a California boudoir photographer, I’ve had the opportunity to change the definition of “boudoir” for my clients. While most boudoir sessions that I capture are focused on empowering women and allowing them to have space to feel beautiful, couples boudoir sessions are along the same premises. So if you’re ready to hone in on the love between you and your person, this is the place for you to find couples boudoir photoshoot inspiration. Let’s get into it!

If you’re new to the world of couples boudoir, you might not be 100% aware of what a session may entail. And while it may certainly vary from photographer to photographer, I’ve spent some time perfecting what I want my couples to feel during their sessions. Just as I want to ensure the women that I photograph individually feel beautiful, confident, and sexy, I want to ensure that my couples feel the exact same way. So if that means wearing jeans and no shirt, great. If your partner is comfortable being nude, get it!! It’s important to me that I my couples feel comfortable. I don’t ever want my couples to leave a session feeling like they were uncomfy or overexposed. 

Couples Boudoir Inspiration

When I captured my first couples boudoir session, I was nothing but stoked to capture a beautiful moment for them. Aiden and Cam have been in front of my camera many times, but never this intimately. We took their photos in a beautiful industrial studio space, and just captured their authentic love. While we definitely had comfortability with one another, my heart was so full after the session. Aiden messaged me and let me know just how much the session helped them reconnect + bond. Talk about a fun date idea! And not to mention that these two are PARENTS! I can’t recommend couples boudoir enough. 

If you’re leaning more towards the nude-ish route, the bathtub photos down below are for you. Capturing this beautiful couple was a dream! Although this session highlighted more nudity, it didn’t ever progress further than the couple’s comfortability (or my own). So whether you’re more interested in some playful photos of you and your lover running around in Calvin Klein underwear sets, or soaking in a bathtub full of bubbles, there’s couples boudoir photoshoot inspiration for you.

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