Western Couples Session at Wind Wolves Preserve

Western-style engagement session

There is something so heartwarming about getting to capture photos of your best friend with the love of her life. So it’s safe to say that I was beaming during this western couples session at Wind Wolves Preserve. Erika and Daniel are an absolute match-made in heaven, and I loved getting the chance to capture them in their element.

Wind Wolves Preserve in Bakersfield, California is one of my favorite places to take my couples. In the Spring, the area is enveloped in wildflowers and bright green grass. And in the Summer? You can expect rolling hills of dry brush, which gives off those desert vibes that we all crave. I am such a sucker for the diversity that this hidden gem offers. So obviously, experiencing Wind Wolves with my couples is such a dream to share. 

When Erika and Daniel told me the vision they had for their session, I knew this would be the perfect place (especially if you don’t want to feel like you’re in Bakersfield). Because Erika is one of my best friends, I can confidently say that she was giving off all the diva vibes that I crave for an epic western session like this. The first outfits Erika and Daniel wore were very casual Western-style, but still pretty understated. The second ‘fit though?! Erika brought the diva with the sickest fringe top. And Daniel wore the classic BIG belt buckle. Ufff. But the end of their session was what was the cherry on top for me. As the sun was setting, they shotgunned their favorite beers. Are you kidding me!? 

So if you’ve been apprehensive about doing a couples session or even your engagement session, let this be your sign to do whatever the heck you want. If you want to shotgun a beer at the end? DO IT! If taking a shot (or a few) before your sesh is more your style, I gotchu. And if you want to let your inner diva SHINE!? I’m here cheering you on, lover. It’s all about you

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