San Diego Sunset Creative Couples Session

Man and woman holding hands in the ocean during sunset

You’ve probably heard it time and time again: “trust your photographer”. Spoiler alert: there’s a reason you hear that all the dang time. This dreamy San Diego sunset creative couples session was the best example of exactly why you need to lean into your photographer and trust the process. 

As a full-time wedding and elopement photographer, I have had countless couples come my way full of anxiety. And I get it – it’s natural. My best piece of advice to give in regards to being comfortable in front of the camera is to trust your photographer. Just think: you hired them for a reason. Trust that they won’t lead you astray. Believe that they will pose you and give you prompts. Trust that they will make sure you look like you are dressed to the freaking 10s. And if there’s every a doubt in your mind that your photographer can do that? They might not be the photographer for you. 

San Diego Couples Session

For the San Diego sunset creative couples session below, not only did I have the best couple, but they trusted my professionalism and creativity. The first part of our session was very sunny and honestly had some harsh light. The second location was down on the beach in the sunshine, but it had some warmer light, rather than harsh lighting. Finally, the third part of the session was against a cotton-candy sky. My couple trusted that I would select the best outfit for each location. So for the first one, we chose clean, neutral styles. If I had put them in the outfit for the last portion, the vibe would’ve been completely different. Once you look through the images below, try to imagine the different outfits at different locations.

Choosing the right photographer for you goes beyond just loving their work. The right photographer will be able to communicate with you through every step of the process. Come the day of your session, you’ll have absolutely nothing to worry about because every little detail was communicated. That is my goal as a photographer. I strive to create an incredible, comfortable experience for my couples. And that’s exactly what you should strive for in a photographer.

Now, please prepare to call the chiropractor because your jaw is about to be on the floor with these photos. ⬇️ Looking for more swoon-worthy lovers? BINGE THE BLOG HERE And as always, follow along with me on Instagram (@sierrabrookphotography). ’Til next time, lovebug. 


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