Cambria California Beach Elopement – Mikayla & Damarcus

married couple popping champagne on beach in Cambria California

Mikayla & Damarcus contacted me back in 2021 regarding their wedding they were planning to have in Bakersfield, California in May of 2022. We had planned a backyard wedding that would take place in the spring time & include not only close family but friends & community as well. Around the end of 2021 I received a call from them that stated they wanted to shift the plan just slightly. They wanted to swap out their full day wedding in Bakersfield for an elopement on the Central Coast of Cambria, California. Who can guess what I said next???


So, then we got to planning. Now swapping a wedding for an elopement can be simple but there are plenty of steps involved. Firstly we had to decide on the location, where would they like to go? Well there was a specific beach that both of them said had sentimental value. This was a location called Moonstone Beach in Cambria, covered in fine sand with easy access & green hills we all decided this would be a beautiful, epic & perfect location. Next step was the permitting process! I immediately contacted the national parks website to get a permit application filed for our day (for easy access I have linked the website below).

Once the permit was in place, the dress was finalized & hotel booked all we had to do now was wait on the weather & plan out our timeline. Now the weather in Cambria around January is a very much hit or miss. Could be cloudy with no rain, could be sunny with high winds & it could be over cast with pouring rain. We saw that there was a high possibility of pouring rain and immediately thought CLEAR UMBRELLAS. What an absolutely cute idea, both chic but efficient in making sure all 35 of our guests didn’t get wet.

Once we completed our planning, prepping & supply haul of clear umbrellas the next thing was just waiting patiently for the beautiful day to arrive. January 7th 2022 Mikayla & Damarcus spoke beautiful vows on Moonstone Beach in Cambria California. What a beautiful day it was & to our own surprise there was barely any rain & even a little greeting from the sunshine as our day drifted to a close. An epic location for an even more epic couple!

If you’re at all debating ditching your big wedding for an intimate elopement that holds meaning, value & emotion to you and your partner. I think this just might be your sign. If you’re ever hesitant, have any questions or concerns you can always shoot me an email. I am here to serve you in whatever way I possibly can!


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