Coastal Montaña de Oro Engagement Session

Coastal engagement session in Montana de Oro State Park

Brooke and Tevin’s coastal Montaña de Oro engagement session was giving me all the romantic, spicy vibes. From frolicking in the nearby forest, to taking in the sunset along the Central Coast, my heart was so full having spent the day with these lovers. 

I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, because I mean it each time I say it. But, Brooke and Tevin are seriously two of the sweetest humans alive. They are simply one of those couples that just compliment one another perfectly. And somehow, these two have been along with me for each step of my photography journey. I’m talking the good ole days where I charged $50 for a couples session 2+ hours away. 😅 I’ve had the honor of capturing their family photos, engagement photos, and as I’m writing this, I’ve just delivered their wedding gallery. (I cannot wait to share their wedding photos!!!!) Capturing so many pivotal chapters for this couple has filled my heart with so much joy. 

Coastal Engagement Session

For Brooke and Tevin’s coastal Montaña de Oro engagement session, they wanted the best of both worlds. So we began their session in the forest, surrounded by lush succulents and eucalyptus trees. Honestly, we enjoyed just chillin’ and taking sweet pictures. So much so that we were vibing to Daniel Caesar the entire time. After spending some time in the forest, we headed to Spooner’s Cove. It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with the coast, but there’s something about sunset along the Central Coast. Brooke and Tevin ran along the beach as the golden sun began to set along the horizon. I took my chance and asked them if they’d be willing to get in the water. Reluctantly (but successfully), Tevin sat in the sand with Brooke on his lap as waves rushed to shore for one last magical shot. Safe to say, their mission of the best of both worlds was achieved.

Make sure to stay tuned for Brooke and Tevin’s wedding blog (coming soon). But while you wait, feel free to catch up on the latest from the blog HERE. And as always, follow along with me on Insta (@sierrabrookphotography) to be the first to know when blogs go live. 🎉 ’Til next time, lovers.


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