Meet the Blogger: Sierra Brook Photography

Hey there, lovebug! I’ve spent many months blogging the stories of my incredible, beautiful clients. It wasn’t until recently that I realized I have yet to introduce you to myself! I’m proud to chat through my journey to becoming a photographer. So without further ado, it’s time for you to Meet the Blogger: Sierra Brook Photography. 

The Early Years of Sierra Brook:

It’s probably no surprise that I had a camera in my hand since I was just a kiddo in the early 2000s. Even back then, I was obsessed with taking photos of my family with my trusty point and shoot camera. As children do, I continued to play with my camera until I actually began taking yearbook classes in high school. 

I soon reached the end of my high school career, and had to start looking realistically at my future. Deep in my heart, I knew that I wanted a job that I could be creative in – however that looked. Believe it or not, college was not it for me (*ahem.. #collegedropout). After trying college for awhile, I started a job at a local photography studio in my hometown as a receptionist. Although I never touched a camera at the studio, the spark reignited within me. Looking back now, I am so appreciative and grateful for the customer service experience I gained in that role.

The Formative Years of Sierra Brook:

Come 2020, when everything shut down, I was stuck at home… So naturally, I ordered a Canon Rebel T7 and nifty fifty lens. I began taking social distanced photos of families, my friends, my own family, and my best boy (Sam). To this day, Sam is still probably my fave client… sorry not sorry 😉🐾 As soon as the chaos of the pandemic began to ease, I was able to start shooting more. I started to grow on Instagram, and even booked my first wedding around this time. I dubbed my business Sierra Brook Photography. Of course, Sierra is my first name and Brook is my middle name. But I was named after the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and my middle name means a small stream filled with tranquility. I carry those definitions and inspirations everywhere with me in my brand. 

As my business began to snowball, I dove headfirst into everything “education”. I consumed as much information as I could from the greats in the photography community – India Earl & Annie Graham are godsends. (Spoiler alert: I am still learning every single day). As I became more confident in my skills, I was able to say “YES!” to more opportunities. From newborn sessions to senior photos, I was down for anything. Even though I am now focused on elopements, weddings, and branding, I wouldn’t be here without the experiences of capturing a broad variety of sessions.

One of the most humbling parts of being a photographer is looking at the growth from when you began to where you are now. To say I am thankful would be the understatement of the century. I cannot imagine my life and myself in a different position or career. My job has given me so much joy that others search a lifetime to find. 

Get to Know the Blogger

Now that I’m done being sappy (for the time being), let me tell you a little bit about who I am besides a photographer ☺️.

  1. I am a fur-mama to my sweet boy, Sam. He’s a rescue, but we believe he is around 8 years old. To say that he is my absolute world wouldn’t even begin to cover it. 
  2. I live on a farm with a little garden (and my own bees!). I love my garden so much that I do my best to keep all of my houseplants alive (it’s a struggle sometimes). Nature is something that fills my heart to the brim.
  3. Each morning, I take a walk without my cell phone. I’m a firm believer of setting intentions and an energy for the day. And there’s no better way to do that than away from technology.

It’s absolutely mind-boggling to see where these last 2+ years have taken me. I began on Instagram with zero followers, and I now have over 8,000 lovely souls supporting me and my dreams. This next year is going to be one for the books, full of so much traveling. And I cannot wait to take you along on the journey with me. 

Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@sierrabrookphotography) to see my adventures in real time. And as always, feel free to binge the blog HERE. Til next time, lovers.


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