Downtown Los Angeles Modern Elopement

Downtown LA Elopement

If you know me, you know that I am a sucker for an elopement. As elopements have gained popularity in the past couple of years, the “picture” of elopements has changed vastly. Pre-2020, most people probably pictured an elopement as a trip to Las Vegas, being married by an Elvis-impersonator. And while that’s still such a vibe, elopements are looked at in a different light nowadays. But do you want to know the best part of an elopement? It can be exactly what you and your lover are wanting. Down to repel down the side of a cliff? Whitewater raft down the Colorado River? Hike to the top of Mount Rainier? I’ll be right beside you. Elopements can be absolutely anything you could ever imagine. Capturing this Downtown Los Angeles Modern Elopement styled shoot taught me exactly that. 

DTLA Elopement

I might need a megaphone to stress this, but please: do what you want on your elopement day. There is seriously a world of possibilities of what you and your lover could do on your day. Attending styled shoots and being surrounded by such creativity provides the best look into what an elopement day could be. For this particular styled shoot, we rented this incredible neutral-toned loft in Downtown LA. The location felt so unique; it’s not too often you see an indoor elopement. I was so dang obsessed. The “bride and groom” we were working with truly emanated so much energy and love for one another – I’m talking a head-over-heals kinda love. Having the opportunity to really be creative with my lighting, angles, and tones really pushed me to try something different. Spoiler alert: moody, hazy aesthetics make me very happy.

So if you’ve been drooling over those epic elopement shots on Pinterest, know that your day is your day. I can’t stress enough to my clients that you as a couple are the ones who have put in the work for your relationship. Your wedding (or elopement) day is the next chapter in your love story. So do it all, babe; make your day yours. 

If you’re looking for a professional 3rd wheel to accompany you on your adventure, let’s connect! As always, let’s be friends over on Instagram (@sierrabrookphotography) for BTS, wedding planning tips, and more. Until next time, lovebugs. 

Vendor Team

Planning: @chelseageephotography
Photography: Sierra Brook Photography
Venue: @dtla_loft
Couple: Abigail & Merritt &
Dress: @newhite_bridal
Shoes: @stevemadden
Tux: @theblacktux
Florals: @reedandrye
Vow books: @papiradesign
Earrings: @a.b.ellie


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