Central California Backyard Wedding

So with the past two years that we’ve all had I think it’s safe to say that there has been a huge BOOM in the idea of backyard weddings. Not only is it safe on your budget but it also creates a level of comfortability that some might say is *priceless*. Creating a backyard wedding doesn’t have to be complicated, tricky or mundane but instead can be electric, classic & intimate!

Within this blog post I’ll go over my top tips on why a backyard wedding might be the direction in which you hadn’t thought about taking before & why it could be the absolute perfect fit.

Perk 1.

Comfortability. The level of comfortability is unmatched when you’re hosting a beautiful ceremony right within the boundaries of somewhere not only familiar to you but also meaningful. When hosting a wedding in your backyard one of the biggest perks that I have noticed is the fact that it is such a stress-free enviornment. The aura through out the day just echoes onto your guests and creates a safe space where everyone feels free to be candid & authentic to who they are.

Perk 2.

Affordability. Dreaming up & putting together a backyard wedding can save you big bucks if you’re looking to pinch pennies where you can instead of renting out a venue. Not only does it save you on the space itself for the ceremony & reception but it also saves you on the getting ready locations as well. You can typically get away with getting ready at the house instead. As seen above I had one of my brides take the master suite to do hair & makeup while the groom topped off getting ready with a nice puff of a cigar across the property.

Perk 3.

Decor galoreeeee. Basically your backyard wedding is whatever you can dream it up to be. Whether this is chic, electric, funky, modern, boho or hip. Due to the fact that it is your (or someone you know) backyard the decorations and center pieces can be whatever you would like them to be. It’s a complete blank sleight that is calling out to all the crazy wild design and detail part of you to go bananas.

Backyard weddings are much MUCH more than they used to be. They are the perfect level of intimacy, affordability & creativity all combined into one. Have you ever thought about creating one before?


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