Sequoia National Forest Engagement Session

Shooting an engagement session in the Sequoia National Forest with the most amazing and IN LOVE couple was nothing short of a dream. Let me tell you all the juicy details. 

We started the trip off at Starbucks, ya know, had to grab that ice cold green tea for the long drive. Our location was about an hour and a half from where we started and the drive is a long haul! I’ve shot at this location in the past but we were all worried what it would look like with all the wildfires raging through the woods or if it would even be available.

An hour and a half later and we were not disappointed. The Sequoia trees were bursting with so many shades of green, browns & orange. The air had a light orange tint to it (which wasn’t the best to be breathing in) but it made for a phenomenal golden hour!

Matthew & Jordyn were absolutely electric the entire session. Kisses, hugs and slow dances to nothing but the sounds of the forest was the basis of what our time consisted of, and let me tell you, I’m NOT complaining about it. So many twilight vibes, so much magic and so much Jesus all wrapped up into their pretty love story. 

I am so SO ready to go back, Sequoia National Forest you really are a treasure.


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