The experience

• A gallery that transports you back to that day, images that evoke the love you and your partner share

• Lots of laughter and fun, it is always my intention to make you as comfortable as possible. 

• Sneak peeks within 48 hours - because let's be honest: who has the patience to wait days on end for a glimpse!?

• Open communication, this means you can call me, text me email me about whatever you might need. I am here to serve you throughout this entire process!

well...You found Her


So you're looking for a photographer who 

It's all about those
in-between moments...

 My approach

When you look back at your photos from your wedding day or whatever chapter you might be in with your partner I want you to be able to feel something. I want you to remember what it felt like to fall in love all over again. Evoking that emotion from you two is my top priority. The way I do this is getting to know who you both are down to your core. What made you fall in love? What are your favorite things about each other? What are you least favorite ;) ? How can we use our time together best to document you both as authentically as possible? That's my goal. I want to get to know all the nitty gritty, I want to create a relationship with you so that I can evoke that radical, emotional, notebook kind of love.

Bringing in non traditional elements is what I do BEST. Tattoo bar at your reception? Count me in. Skipping the big ceremony and going for a more intimate dinner party? I'll bring the champagne. Choosing private vows and a first touch with your partner before officially saying I do? You know I'll be dropping a tear right along with you. Making your wedding your own in every way is something I HIGHLY value.

Like I said earlier, establishing a relationship with you two as a couple is my number one priority. This means communication, this means sending me photos once you find your dress, this means letting me in on the family drama so I know what to expect on your big day. If you are looking for someone to just show up, tell you to smile and then boot scoot and boogie... I'm not your girl. I want to be there through out the whole process, helping in anyway I can along the way. 

Let's talk about authenticity. I am the kind of person who values candid beauty over staged smiles. I embrace the flaws rather than try to hide them. I think flaws, messes, tears and belly laughs are absolutely beautiful. If you are looking for someone who will photoshop out certain things that you might not like about your body....that's not me. You. Are. Beautiful. There isn't one thing I want to hide about you and I will make that very known through out our time together. This does not mean that I want you uncomfortable during our time together in anyway and I will consistently check in to make sure you feel safe and nurtured the entire time. Authenticity matters to me, who you are naturally matters to me.. that's where the art is made.

You may hear me say the words "documentation" a lot. Here's what that means, it means I treasure the in between. I find art in the touching of hands, the tears during a moms speech, the grandparents reaction as you walk down the aisle. I want to document rather than pose. I want to go about your day as a story teller rather than a "Pinterest perfect" feed. Of course I will guide you through out the day where it is necessary but I value being a third wheel fly not the wall more than anything.

You value the in between moments, the small moments, the touching hands & wiping away of tears

You're down to make a new best friend (ahem, it's me)

You want your wedding day to reflect the love story that you and your partner share above all else. 

You're ready to invest in photographs that will tell your story for generations to come.

I'm your person if

  • Planning consultation via zoom or in person
  • Outfit guide
  • One hour of shoot time 
  • 75+ image gallery
  • Hand picked client gift after gallery

couples sessions starting at $575

  • Planning consultation via zoom or in person prior to wedding 
  • 4 hours of coverage
  • 200+ photo gallery
  • Personalized gift after gallery delivery

elopements starting at $2200

  • Planning consultation via zoom or in person prior to wedding 
  • Complimentary engagement session
  • 5 hours of coverage
  • 200+ photo gallery 
  • Personalized gift after gallery delivery

weddings starting at $2500


Do you travel for weddings? if so what is your travel fee?

I do in fact travel for weddings. Each location is different in regards to pricing, depending on if there is an overnight stay, plane tickets or lodging. Every location differs but I am always up for an adventure!

Can I see a full wedding gallery as an example?

I would be more than happy to share that with you. Please submit an inquiry via my contact page and I will get that sent over your way as fast as possible. In the meantime feel free to check out my experience page & blog for some examples.


Eeeek! I'm so glad you asked, babe. Head to my contact page to fill out an Inquiry form. From there, I'll reach out + we can start dreaming up your adventure. Once the contract + retainer (if applicable) are submitted, we are ready to rock 'n roll.

What should we wear for photos?

Outfits can get tricky... I totally understand. That's why I send out an outfit guide that goes over the ins-&-outs of every detail you might be questioning. Whether that's wondering what colors go together or what patterns you might want to stay away from.
I gotchu!

What is your turnaround time?

While I provide sneak peeks within 48 hours of your event, standard sessions take at most 1 week for guaranteed delivery. For weddings + elopements, guaranteed delivery is at 4 weeks!

How many images do you deliver within a gallery?

Every gallery is different so there really isn't one specific number that fits each situation. My galleries themselves have a minimum number but I am very much a fan of over-delivering...
 so catch me sending you a HUGE gallery.

your most asked questions, answered

"Sierra was amazing to work with. I was super nervous for our engagement shoot - she even caught me trying to take a tequila shot to calm the nerves, haha. She made us laugh and really just made us feel incredibly comfortable. She paid attention to details and even braved the cold water of the Kern River to get us the shots we wanted. I would HIGHLY recommend Sierra and will absolutely work with her again in the future."
- Natasha

She made us feel incredibly comfortable.

"Let me tell you about how appreciative I am of Sierra’s lovely soul. She was a dream to work with and I would HIGHLY recommend booking with her. Sierra made us feel so comfortable as my bf and I were kind of nervous to be in front of the camera. We ended up laughing the entire time, it was so fun and felt like friends just hanging out. I screamed when we got our sneak peeks and our gallery, she got them back to us so so fast. We will definitely be booking Sierra in the future and for our future wedding. If you’re looking for a sign to tell you to book with her, THIS IS IT"
- Miranda

Felt like friends just hanging out

"can't say enough good things about sierra! we've worked with her twice now in the past month. she provides beautifully curated, high quality memories to cherish for a lifetime! she's very professional, but feels like a long-time friend during sessions. sierra makes her clients feel absolutely comfortable in front of the camera, and can really gauge the perfect ambience per her clients and their specific styles; it's quite impressive! we can't wait to work with her again for all of the holiday and birthday celebrations!"

High quality memories to last a lifetime

"Sierra captured every moment perfectly. Each emotion, every smile, ALL the love, and even all the happiness from the guests. It was all so perfect. More so, Sierra’s presence was so calming and reassuring. I am uncomfortable in front of cameras and this was our first time in our entire relationship taking any type of professional photos and she made it effortless. Best part for me was her keeping everything on track yet still being able to go with the flow of my messy self (who is almost never on time for anything). She didn’t bat an eye at any of the flaws we had, she accepted them and rolled with them. We can’t thank her enough. We cannot wait to take anniversary pictures with her. One year can’t come soon enough!"
 - Larissa

Captured every moment perfectly

"Sierra was awesome! She got our wedding pictures back to us in no time, and they were all amazing. She was extremely professional and made sure to get all the photos that we requested. She also reached out to us before our wedding to help with the timeline of our day which was something that I really appreciated. I will definitely be reaching out to Sierra for another project, and highly recommend her for all your photography needs!"
- Erandy

Extremely professional

"My experience with Sierra was 10/10! From the time I inquired, to the shoot, to delivering our photos, she was extremely professional and prompt. I have nothing but good things to say about Sierra and her work! I’m so in love with the photos she captured, and I highly recommend choosing her for your next shoot!"
- Caleigh

So in love with the photos

the booking process





My turn!

Let's do this thing!

Gimme all those nitty gritty details!! Have a cheesy "how we met" story? Spill! Having an epic elopement in Tulum? Uhm, yes plz. Struggling with a certain detail? I'm your gal!

The more details you can give me, the more I can give you.

Once you submit an inquiry form, the ball is in my court! I'll reach out to you within 24 hours. 

You can expect to receive the complete list of my packages to help you choose the best fit for your vision + love story.

Don't see the "perfect fit"?! Let's create something, babe. I'm here for you!

Everything look good?! Great, let's do this thingggg!

We will schedule a phone call or meet in person to dream up the specifics (locations, outfits, and a custom mood board). 

I want to document your story as authentically as possible. Ugh, I can't freaking wait!!

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